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The scope and depth of your reportage will be conspicuous in its absence from this pages. Truly and sorely missed. As a regular reader for over 10 years I have often said without qualification that nobody has deeper insight into the mechanics of how this city is run than you do. I reckon you know where most, if not all of the bones are buried--so for a lot of 'bad guys' (and gals) this is a happy day. The paper's re-design and repositioning as a USA Today for labor? Okay, whatever. Losing Fausto "Fuzzy" Mamori's inside track on what goes on? A sad day. Thanks for this final Razzle Dazzle and getting the full context of your career. Question: what union now has the pleasure of informing it's members, "New hire--Richard Steier"?

From: After decades, a time to move on

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