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After dedicating years to the city, and long days working tirelessly during the pandemic (including working remotely after testing positive & sick with COVID), I was terminated with no explanation as to why my religious exemption was rejected, It all seems unconstitutional.

The worst part to this ordeal is how thousands of families like mine are facing financial ruin (bankruptcy) because their name had been tarnished (fired for misconduct); blocked from collecting unemployment (termination is considered a technical quit) and inability to qualify for public assistance if you own assets (home, savings, etc.,).

While our mayor boasts on his commitment to NYC and throw millions towards all the new immigrants in the city (free housing, food, welcome center, money), he has forgotten/ failed to address the new class of poverty driven families (thousands) created and impacted by his decision to terminate municipal workers and exempt others.

With all the compassion shown, how about for all the forgotten brave, honorable, superhero first responders / fellow city workers who showed up for New York City when NYC needed it most.

From: Unions call on Adams to lift vax mandates for city workers

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