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I find it ludicrous that people are protesting that they do not want to return to the office to work. When you were hired for a job you were not given the choice to work from your house or possibly not work from your house. Vaccines have allowed covid to be at least weakened. I am retired now but when I am outside I see all the Millenials who are supposedly "working from home" out in restaurants, on the subway, running errands, and playing pickleball. What are these jobs that can be done at home? Unless you are in IT and coding or doing absolutely rote types of work you need the input of other people. You need supervision you need input you need meetings. This is absurd. To want a raise more overtime and to work on your own most of the week makes no sense. I worked for the city for about 30 years and did not find one person (including me who worked 33 percent more hours than I was paid for). In fact, I think many surveys have found that most workers work about 2 1/2 hours a day.

From: City Council cancels plan for mandatory in-person work after staffers revolt

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