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These benefits were Guaranteed upon our retirement. As I approach 60, I still have 5 more years before this affects me directly, I am wondering how many more times they will chip away at benefits that we have paid for in the past. Every city union gave back to ensure this. My dad worked for the MTA and my mother had to pay for an advantage plan when he passed. That plan was an Emblem Health plan and for a little over 120.00 a month it included decent prescription and marginal dental. I think someone should be shaking the GHI tree a bit. They receive a hefty sum from the city. The city saves a fortune when we reach 65 and medicare kicks in, most of us have been receiving the same money for ten years by then. We paid for it already. If all else fails....It's age discrimination, younger retirees aren't losing, or paying.

From: Retirees’ Medicare fight has Council ally

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