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I could agree on most of this article but I believe the coworker who deliberately undermines the union it’s rules and the rules of the employer organization and purposely and willfully neglects their duty is a serious problem and waste everyone’s time and energy just cause they play these foolish games with either side. You don’t mention how to truest handle them except remind them of the union duty and theirs. Which they lol and repeat their ways. This waste a shop steward time and energy causing them to un due stress. The shop steward job is voluntary so NO one wants to be wasting time and energy for those few who do nothing but create conflict. No answers from this discussions. You also should note reward shop stewards who put in 2 -3 or more years of service with discounts to Broadway shows , sports games , extra vacation day or two , major cell phone discount ( most SS have to use their own phones to address members on various issues, the list can go on and on but shop stewards are t given any of these and if they did get this it’s very tiny benefits / discounts. These are topics that should be included in to this open discussion that’s been ignored.

From: Representing difficult members

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