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As a retiree I have followed this case closely and would like to make a few points 1. In a Court hearing last June leading to the restraining order, it was stated in the Order that, “Moreover, at oral argument, the attorney for Aetna acknowledged that there would very likely be situations where medical care deemed to be needed by a doctor for a retiree could be turned down, and certain medical facilities would be unavailable to retirees.”

2. The Aetna plan as originally presented was for a period of two years, after which changes could be made to coverages (what are the odds that said changes would not be beneficial to retirees?)

3.Finally, in one of the many documents sent out by Aetna in anticipation of rolling out the plan, a document titled Healthier Happens Together, page 4, under title How Aetna Offers Value, begins “CHANCES ARE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CONTINUE SEEING YOUR DOCTORS AS LONG AS THEY ACCEPT MEDICARE AND AETNA MEDICARE ADVANTAGE (emphasis added). Chances Are? Aetna, as are many PPO plans, is a profit making business. I would not want to speculate with my health on Chances Are (well, I will…chances are Aetna will emphasize their PROFIT).

From: City attorney, judge joust on Medicare matter

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