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As a 26-year veteran of EMS, I fully support the demand by the Local 2507 & 3621 for Pay Parity. It is long overdue! It was 1984 when this demand was first put on the negotiating table. As Secretary-Treasurer and part of the negotiating team, I was there. And after EMS workers, 23 years ago, were defined by City Council law in 2001 as a "uniformed service" there is no justification for anything less than Pay Parity with the other "uniformed service" workers. I hope the resolution of the Sergeant position gets resolved quickly so their negotiations for Pay Parity can begin.

But, I can't help but raise alarm about the Mayor's words about EMS workers deserving respect and pay equity. He said similar words to all of the City Retirees when he was running for Mayor proclaiming the plan in process, at that time, to remove the 250,000 City Retirees from their traditional Medicare and put them into a Medicare Advantage Plan. He called that a "bait and switch" which he opposed. After several Court decisions affirming our traditional Medicare with Supplement is valid, the Mayor continues to reject it and appeal every time the Judge has ruled in our favor. So, simply be wary of his words!!

Mike Stein

Retired for 24 years

From: Adams, Kavanagh express support for EMS pay parity

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