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Hahaha what an ominous conclusion. It's interesting, being born into a liberal family and gradually getting lefter, it was always **** the police. Your right though, police reform, and the legislation that came out of the summer of George Floyd actions, really did not amount to ****. If you think critically, it is undeniable that white police officers with guns will carry out racialized violence, but no one on the left who is pushing for reforms really wants to listen to y'alls perspective either. That makes no sense for passing sound policy— the same people who have technical degrees that say they are credited to study the working class ignore the fact that police officers are workers. All industries are flawed, yours is also just violent so the stakes are a little higher. I am not sure what it felt like to be a police officer 50 years ago, but I doubt anyone was grappling with that tension, that is probably why the blue line is so thin. Officers have to confront the fact that the majority does not **** with them at all in a way that is new. I would argue that if you want to enforce a state sanctioned idea of "Justice" your going to have to grapple with the trauma that comes with it, its an unavoidable fact of policing. So this gives you an opportunity to either work through that tension and trauma, or hide in it. Although a little scary, your conclusion makes it seem like there is great solidarity in the police community and I think working with that is going to be how this country figures it all out. Thanks for a good article.

From: Tammany’s echoes

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