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A bad review


To the editor:

What I believe Trump’s lawyers don’t know or are ignoring is that Stormy Daniels is an important symbol of the “Me Too” movement. That’s why attacking her for her profession on cross examination was a mistake, although Susan Necheles, Trump’s attorney, may have been pressed to follow Trump’s demands to attack Daniels.  

There are five women jurors, and they (and some of the male jurors) will ask themselves this question: Who are the people who watch adult movies and pornography? The answer is that’s its likely 95 percent men.  

For men to condemn women in erotic and X-rated movies is the height of hypocrisy. Besides, a career in performing in pornographic movies is legal.  

Women, including some of the women jurors, will appreciate and even applaud the feisty responses to Necheles’ attempts to prove that a porno actress could not possibly be shocked by a powerful man who invites her to dinner and comes out to greet her with silk pajamas and no food.

Michael J. Gorman


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