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Auto mechanic jobs with the city start at $37 an hour for a 40-hour week


The city is accepting applications for auto mechanics positions through June 28 for test dates expected to begin Aug. 10. The minimum salary is $37.28 per hour for a 40-hour workweek. The application fee is $88.


Auto mechanics, under supervision, overhaul, repair and maintain engines, motors and motor-powered equipment, component assemblies and component systems used in automotive, construction and special-purpose equipment powered by internal-combustion engines. 

They act as troubleshooters in determining mechanical and electrical defects; overhaul, maintain and repair internal-combustion engines, motors and motor-powered equipment, including brake systems, transmissions, ignition systems, rear ends, differential assemblies, fuel systems, hydraulic systems, electronic systems and related components and systems. They also align wheels and repair steering equipment; reline and adjust brakes and clutches. 

They also make minor repairs and adjustments in the field; may transmit orders to other journeymen as directed; may supervise machinist helpers, automotive-service workers and other personnel; train assigned machinist helpers, automotive-service workers or other personnel in the performance of various maintenance and/or repair tasks. 

Mechanics prepare reports and orders, and maintain records and inventories of parts, components, supplies and materials; operate and test motor vehicles and equipment in the performance of assigned duties. 

To qualify

Applicants should have either 1) Five years of full-time satisfactory experience as an auto mechanic or 2) not less than 2 1/2 years of full-time satisfactory experience as an auto mechanic, plus sufficient helper or apprentice experience or relevant full-time education acquired in a college, university, technical school, trade school or vocational high school to make up the equivalent of five years of acceptable experience. 

Six months of acceptable experience will be credited for each year of helper or apprentice experience, or relevant full-time education. Helper or apprentice experience, or relevant education which is less than full time, or less than a full year, will be credited on a prorated basis. 

The experience requirement must be met by June 28. The education requirement must be met by June 30. 

Appointees must possess either 1) a Class B commercial driver’s license, or 2) a motor vehicle driver’s license and a learner’s permit for a Class B commercial driver license. Appointments for those who qualify under “2” above will be subject to the receipt of a Class B commercial driver license within six months of appointment. 

Appointees might need to be city residents within 90 days of the date of hiring. Applicants must pass a drug screening in order to be appointed. New city must be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus, unless they have been granted a reasonable accommodation for religion or disability. 

The tests

A multiple-choice test will be given at a computer terminal. Task areas to be tested are as follows: repair work; basic principles and research; diagnostics; safety and ethics; reports; supervision /training; driving; and other related areas. 

The test may include questions on operating principles of internal combustion engines and automotive components, including electrical and electronic principles and systems and related topics.

The test may also include questions requiring the use of deductive and inductive reasoning; information ordering; mathematical reasoning. number facility; problem sensitivity; and written expression and comprehension. 

Candidates who pass the multiple-choice test and meet the education-and-experience requirements must also pass a qualifying practical test. That test may assess a candidate’s ability to troubleshoot, adjust, diagnose, repair and replace faulty automotive components; use automotive test equipment; and perform related tasks. 

The passing score on both tests is 70 percent. Scores will be used to determine places on an eligible list. 

More information, including instructions on how to apply, is available at a856-exams.nyc.gov/OASysWeb/Exam/List.


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