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Borgia family values



To the editor:

Does anyone else remember when the GOP touted itself as the party of family values? George W. Bush ran on this theme against Al Gore in 2000, blaming the vice president, by association, for his boss’ personal behavior. Doing so after, ironically, securing the GOP nomination on the lie that John McCain fathered an illegitimate black child.  

Fast forward to today and the moral bankruptcy of the GOP is complete. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan blows off reports of his past indifference to sexual assault at Ohio State. His Florida House colleague Matt Gaetz faces credible reports of sex trafficking under-aged girls and rather than suffer consequences, but he dictates party policy. I won’t even go into the many immoralities of the last GOP president.

Then, there is George Santos, a thoroughly dishonest sociopath. Yet, newly-minted GOP Speaker Kevin McCarthy has ignored calls for meaningful action due his desperate need for Santos’ votes. This sums up today’s Republican Party — a willingness to tolerate and even defend liars, sexual offenders and corrupt individuals, all in order to hold power.

Contrast this with the Democrats who forced Al Franken, Eliot Spitzer, Jim McGreevy, Andrew Cuomo and John Conyers from office. I guess the “family” whose values are revered in Republican circles are those of the Borgias.

Joseph Cannisi


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