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Build up salaries


To the editor:

I fully support City Councilman  Kevin Riley's proposed Fair Share Act ("Construction workers on city projects could get pay boost,” The Chief, Oct. 13). The legislation would require prevailing wages and benefits for workers on construction projects receiving more than $1 million from the city or a city-affiliated economic development entity.

But the fact that in a dangerous occupation that requires great skill, strength and courage, there are so many who are underpaid is disgraceful. It's another example of the lack of basic decency among so many employers who think their only obligation is to make as much money as possible.

Another part of that article emphasizes how misleading average salary statistics are. The average salary for construction workers last year was $91,543. But nearly 75 percent made less than $80,000 and 56 percent of those without a college degree made an average of $48,300.

Guess what?! If one employee makes $10,000 and another makes $190,000, their average salary is $100,000.

Also, does the job require any less skill, strength and courage, and is it any less dangerous for someone without a college degree. Paying a construction worker as little as $48,300 is indefensible. But that's just the average salary. How many are getting paid much less?

Richard Warren

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  • This is way over due and of course I see companies crying broke and unfair. Inflation has taken a real toll on the average worker with or without a degree. Increase salaries will help families all across and the City and State benefit all around higher taxes as they crave and don’t have to provide aid to working class just their pockets!!! They give those who don’t work and come from other lands with benefits than those who live and work here!!!

    Thursday, October 26, 2023 Report this