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Call for facts


To the editor:

Howard Elterman (“Adams’ poor response,” The Chief, May 12) is wrong. Mayor Adams’ response is the right one. The facts will decide whether a crime was committed, not a “lynch mob.”

As long as we allow mentally ill people to freely roam our streets, the potential for tragedy is always there. How can the average person know the intent of a person acting erratically? What is menacing to some is harmless to others. Some are not going to run from a train car, but will stand back and fight. Will a mentally ill person know enough to stop resisting?

What about the innocent EMS worker who was killed by a mentally ill person in Astoria not long ago?

I think the mental health system and his family failed Mr. Neely.

John Grosso


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  • reenjoe

    "As long as we allow mentally ill people to freely roam our streets"? Do you even hear yourself? According to the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH), 22.8% of American adults or 57.8 million of our fellow citizens over age 18 suffer some form of mental illness. Of those, 14.1 million adult Americans suffer severe mental illness. You want a call for facts - those are facts.

    What is your solution - ordered house arrest? Or, should we double taxes to pay for institutionalizing nearly 60 million Americans. This is still America and everyone is innocent until proved guilty and everyone is FREE TO ROAM OUR STREETS at least the last time I checked the Constitution.

    Tuesday, May 30, 2023 Report this