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Christie for the GOP



To the editor:

 In this new year, I have but one wish: to see Chris Christie become the GOP nominee for president. I know many moderate Republicans thought that Nikki Haley might somehow be the one to save the party, but her fumbling a simple question regarding the cause of the Civil War exposed her for what she is — a pandering lightweight. Christie is different; he doesn’t shy from facts or political fallout, as evidenced by his warm welcome of President Obama and the aid he brought the battered state of New Jersey in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

Another thing that separates Christie from all other GOP hopefuls is his willingness to call out Donald Trump as a liar, an incompetent and most of all a whiny, sore loser who can’t even man-up and admit a close loss.  

If Christie were to have strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump might be forced to debate Christie. The vision of Christie stripping away the “strongman” image and exposing Trump as the pathetic crybaby he actually is would be priceless.

I have no illusions regarding Christie; as governor he rolled back union rights and proved to be vindictive enough to punish the people of Fort Lee with a major traffic jam over politics.  However, I also know that Christie speaks his mind, doesn’t like to pander, is willing to take on the gun lobby and will focus on actual issues rather than stir up divisions through culture wars.  He is also fundamentally honest.

I am not saying I would vote for Christie in the general election. But if there is to be a Republican in the White House come Jan. 20, 2025, I find a President Christie the least upsetting.

Joseph Cannisi


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  • Admin

    Cannisi is right but unfortunately Christie just dropped out of the race. One other thing that would have made Christie preferable is that he would not have tried to make himself a dictator.

    Thursday, January 11 Report this