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To the editor:

For reasons I find incomprehensible, Robert Ovetz argues that allowing more workers at more unions to skip out of paying union dues would "strengthen" those unions and others besides. (“‘Free speech’ suit could unwittingly help unionize nonprofits,” The Chief, June 7).

Now, there is a valid argument to be made that when unions have to convince members to pay dues, they have to act more militantly and aggressively.

But Ovetz makes another more outlandish claim. He thinks that if these nonprofit entities were brought under the Janus umbrella, public employee unions could claim their employees were "actually public sector workers." He apparently thinks that public-sector labor regulatory boards all over the nation would bless this theory and incorporate large numbers of currently unorganized non-union workers into existing unions and into their existing union contracts. If Mr. Ovetz really believes this would happen, that these regulatory boards would happily bless higher wages and greater union density, I have a bridge I'd like to sell him.

Marc Kagan


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