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Covid wardrobe



To the editor,

Re "Cover Up!" by Richard Warren. While I sometimes virulently disagree with his opinions, I have noted Mr. Warren is not afraid to question/challenge authority and is capable of critical and independent thinking. It thus surprises me that Mr. Warren would accept the word of any public official — or anyone period — who says it is all right not to wear a mask.

Just examine the facts. In March 2020, the world went into pandemic mode. People wore masks, social distanced, worked remotely, attended meetings via Zoom or Teams, and used gallons of hand sanitizer. Months before the vaccine, Covid numbers went down. As the pandemic eased so did people's attitudes toward masks and social distancing. Covid numbers began to surge.

I tested positive for the virus in April, 2020, although I was fortunately asymptomatic. I didn't wear a mask up to that point. Upon the advice of my doctor post quarantine, I have worn my mask in public ever since. I have been exposed to Covid nine times, and each time tested negative.

There are five people I will listen to about wearing the mask in public: me, myself, I, and my parents. My father (RIP) received the jab but also said he was going to continue to wear the mask. My mother to this day wears the mask in public and has not caught the virus. Me, myself and I say until Covid is wiped off the planet, I will wear my mask.

Nat Weiner


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