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To the editor:

Why did the NYCTA together with Local 100 sell out its retirees? I worked for 33 years with promises through the years that me and my colleagues would have health care for ourselves and our dependents when we retired. When we reached Medicare age, the promises went, we would have a supplemental insurance coverage to go with it. 

I was quite happy with Medicare and my Aetna supplemental card. I never had a problem seeing any doctor I wanted or specialist my doctor sent me to. I had MRIs, sonograms and X-rays done without ever a problem. Now suddenly I have to wait for approvals before I have a sonogram or an MRI done.

I haven’t got a denial yet, but I’m assuming that’s in my future. What right did Local 100 and the MTA have to change our health care after our retirements? It almost sounds as if this was a criminal act and somebody’s getting paid off for it.

Vincent Sarno


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  • I think you and people such as yourself should have been more involved with your union and and its contract language. Especially when you were active and secured good sound language in the Union Constitution and maybe just maybe this would have help prevent this from happening. Sorry not sugar coating it for anyone. Now taking things for granted is a lesson learned. Everyone should be involved making things better and secured for present and future generations. A lot of people want but put NO real effort to improve things with a strategy and commitment.

    Wednesday, June 19 Report this