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Dump Trump


To the editor:

Nearly every day I see a Trump supporter on TV claim that the former president’s handling of the economy draws them to him. Really?  By any measure, Trump was the worst president with regard to the economy since Herbert Hoover.

During Trump’s four years, the economy lost 2.7 million jobs, unemployment rose from 4.7 percent to 6.4 percent and annual GDP growth was anemic at 1.84 percent. Under Joe Biden, the economy added 15.2 million jobs, unemployment dropped from 6.4 percent to 3.7 percent with annual GDP growth averaging 3.14 percent. Even the stock market has grown more under Biden; which Trump falsely attributes to anticipation of his regaining office. 

I know Trump supporters will say, “what about inflation?” What about it? Prices rise during good times and drop during recessions. If inflation measures a president’s economic prowess, then Barack Obama was the greatest president and Ronald Reagan was the worst, according to Federal Reserve data. 

Where Biden really shines versus Trump is stability. Trump is a political hand grenade; a walking, talking dumpster fire. Every day we see the Trump chaos machine in action; whether it’s killing bipartisan deals to improve border conditions or turning GOP officials against funding Ukraine in their war with Putin. 

As a human being, Trump is worse — found guilty in separate Civil trials of sexual assault, defamation and fraud. He is also facing allegations of paying hush money to silence a porn star he had sex with during his wife’s pregnancy and criminal charges involving election interference, the mishandling of classified documents, conspiracy and obstruction.

Biden stutters, Trump is stupid. His limited vocabulary makes completing a sentence impossible.  Trump “edited” an official NOAA hurricane path map using a Sharpie. And, while president, he looked directly at a solar eclipse without eye protection. When will Americans wake up?

Joseph Cannisi


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