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Everything but the truth


To the editor:

During his hush money trial, the mendacious Donald Trump exercised his constitutional right not to take the witness stand and testify in his own defense. But outside the courtroom Trump was doing what he thinks he does best — lying. Because in the court of public opinion, the always loquacious Trump was neither under oath nor subjected to cross-examination.

After his conviction on all 34 counts, Trump stated, “I wanted to testify” but didn’t “because they’ll get you on something you said that was slightly wrong.” Trump continued to say, “the judge allowed them to go into everything I was ever involved in.... Was he a bad boy here, was he a bad boy there?... You would have said something out of whack like it was a beautiful sunny day and it was actually raining out.”

No one is getting charged with perjury for making a minor insignificant mistake or an unintentional error while testifying under oath in a criminal trial.

Trump didn’t testify because he is a pathological liar and would not be able to withstand cross-examination.

So instead, Trump claims he’s a “very innocent man” and in another classic example of Trump projection said the judge “looks like an angel but he’s really a devil.”

But if Trump had taken the stand in his own defense, I suspect under cross-examination he would have imploded like Colonel Nathan Jessup in “A Few Good Men.” Trump would have confessed because he is a pretentious narcissist who believes his privileges entitle him to be above the law.

The truth is Trump is a criminal who does not support the U.S. Constitution and has been unfaithful to his duty and allegiance to America as president.

And Trump World “can’t handle the truth.”

Marc Bullaro


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