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Fighting words



To the editor:

Although you prioritize NYC and state topics, on Jan. 5, you printed a letter by Michael Gorman about Israel, Hamas and the Palestinians (“Third rail of discourse”). Among other things, I guess he is also an expert on Middle Eastern affairs. I objected to his comment in the last paragraph about "it (Israel) does not have the right to commit genocide on the people of Gaza.” I am not sure what dictionary he uses, but genocide refers to the "intentional" and "deliberate" killing of a large group of people ... to destroy that nation or group."

Hamas wants to kill all the Jews in Israel. Some bordering nations want to see that happen as well. Those 2,000-pound bombs are dropped to reach the tunnels 60 feet underground. It is unfortunate and regrettable that any civilians are injured or killed. But it is Hamas that uses the civilians for human shields and to promote their cause. If Gorman is right about genocide, then there should be many more deaths. Hamas engages to maximize death and terrorize. 

Gorman offers no idea how to resolve this — he just uses inflammatory and incorrect words to promote his own cause.

Steven Goldfinger



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  • wpeakes

    @ Steven Goldfinger

    Why is it that anytime someone expresses even the slightest disagreement with what the IDL/Israeli government is doing in Gaza and the West Bank they have to be "an expert on Middle Eastern affairs" but not if they express support for the same actions. You can't have it both ways and neither can Israel. As I have written previously, when the atrocities of Oct 7 happened, I was very saddened and horrified by the actions of Hamas but now the ongoing, indiscriminate "dumb bombing" by the IDL/Israeli government and high civilian casualties have gone too, too, too far. Trying to justify or rationalize the killing civilians that they know are in harms way is even more heinous. I thought the IDL was an elite, highly-trained, efficient, and professional fighting force.

    Two wrongs will never make this right and it seems that no one knows how to resolve this but, without being an expert, I can assure you that the solution doesn't lie within the current acts of apparent genocide by the IDL/Israeli government.

    Wednesday, January 31 Report this