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Keep union hands from the cookie jar


To the editor:

After reading about the AFSCME trial decision (“Eddie Rodriguez, longtime head of DC 37 clerical local, is expelled from union,” The Chief, Jan. 26), it is sad that Eddie Rodriguez, Alma Roper and Ralph Palladino were caught misusing union funds in violation of the AFSCME and DC37 constitutions. To be clear, Rodriquez and Palladino misappropriated money while Roper rubber-stamped their actions and failed in her fiduciary and constitutional duties to protect union assets as executive vice president. 

The insult to past and future union members is that this is the second time-Rodriquez is involved in a financial scandal and administratorship. His spending habits were highlighted in the 1998 administratorship. Rodriguez contends that the union should pay for his commute to work. This is a simple no-no as per the IRS. Palladino as a second vice president insists he is owed for unmonitored/unrecorded overtime. 

Another simple no-no as per DC 37, AFSCME financial standards/codes and FSLA and other overtime laws. This demoralizes union members and destabilizes their faith in unions. There should be stronger penalties to keep hands out of the cookie jar.

Eddie Gates


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  • krell1349

    Union corruption looks bad for unions, like the DC37 corruption many years ago. This will make people think all unions are bad and corrupt. Unions need to work for the members, which is their purpose, not to line the leaders pockets. This is so disappointing.

    Thursday, February 8 Report this