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Life for a life taken


To the editor:

I don't think training or codes of conduct are needed to end murders committed by police. No one who becomes a police officer should have to be told that murder is wrong. In fact, neither should anyone else.

If the five Memphis cops arrested for killing Tyre Nichols are found guilty (which the video indicates they should be), they should receive life without parole. This should be the penalty for all killings or attempted killings except in self-defense or other extenuating circumstances. Our current "justice" system seems to have a problem with this.

Unfortunately, when 74-year-old Maria Hernandez surprised burglars in her apartment on Jan. 18th, she was murdered. The alleged killers are 53-year-old Terrence Moore and 47-year-old Lashawn Mackey. Another example of not aging out of crime.

Moore had been convicted of murder in 1990. If he hadn't been paroled in 2017, he would not have been able to (allegedly) kill again.

So how about murderers, whether they be police or civilians, really serving life? How about police departments taking care to hire police officers who will work to stop crime, rather than add to it.

Richard Warren


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