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Local 100 breakdown



To the editor:

The once-strong Local 100 union is now the laughing stock of all the unions in the tri state area. Aside from the putrid and subpar contracts, the Transit Authority’s heavy-handed discipline, harsh work rules, inhumane working conditions for the women of this local, now we have an appointed president mired in a domestic abuse and sex scandal. Even with that allegation set aside, Richard Davis is neither competent nor capable of doing the job. Most certainly, nor is he worthy of the job.

Richard Davis was appointed solely because he is Transport Workers Union International President John Samuelsen’s puppet to safeguard Local 100’s votes for Samuelsen to remain in his post and do Samuelsen’s bidding.

Roberto Martinez


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  • Local 100 was never perfect. We have a large number of people who chose to be disengaged with the union and policies especially skilled craft employees. The labor part of this union are short minded and ignore many of the underground issues that no real construction industry would allow. The arguments on improvements are mild to nothing. Pay for skilled trades are a joke compared to those who are unskilled ( we make nearly the same base salary )MOST unskilled force are holding key office and make or ignore demands needed to improve underground issues. We need to be together but actual fairness must be address as far as PAY , discipline etc…. Local 100 has improved over the contracts that’s for sure ( medical and certain safety issues are excellent) but still far behind on wages , language in contractual for some departments are very vague or non existent ( shouldn’t be pages of word nonsense but clear short understandable language ) That’s why discipline is heavy handed especially for the underground. The unskilled force are silent on this because . In their eyes it doesn’t affect them so why bother and under tone jealous employees will block real improvements in wages for skilled trades. Leadership is trying but seem to sometimes drop the ball and if we actually work together and get the proper info. The contracts will be better. Changing the guard isn’t the issue alone for some but better understandable language is key to correct issues that lack in contracts with enforcement!!! Real involvement with logical educated parties would benefit LOCAL 100..

    Wednesday, January 3 Report this


    I've commented several times on this letter but for some reason? THE CHIEF will not post?

    My comment is simply TWU100 is another Union who sold out it's retirees earned healthcare for raises.

    Shame on them! All the City Unions will pay the price for the biggest sin in labor history to it's own members.

    Tuesday, February 20 Report this