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Mayor’s house of cards?


To the editor:

Mayor Eric Adams recently said, “Trust me.” Maybe he means, trust me, but don’t cut the cards, don’t check the deck.  

Adams, who promised a transparent mayoralty, doesn’t give open press conferences, probably because he doesn’t want to answer tough questions about a federal corruption investigation into his 2021 campaign. Adams is probably terrified of the potential end of his political career.

He has created a legal defense fund for him and his campaign finance people, even though his net worth is estimated at millions.

Adams has begun his new "off-topic" press conferences, but he said he will only answer off-topic questions from reporters once a week, on Tuesdays. This reminds me of the Popeye cartoon character, Wimpy, whose signature line was “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Many of us New Yorkers may wonder if his severe 5 percent budget cuts for every city agency, which will start immediately with further 5 percent cuts scheduled for January and April, are timed to distract from Adams’ legal troubles. Mayor, it’s past time to be transparent and to show your hand. 

Michael J. Gorman


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