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Morality trumps politics



To the editor:

Sadly, Michael Gorman appears to possess an amoral sense of right and wrong (“A resounding refrain,” The Chief online, Dec. 15). He suggests Biden's support for Israel should be based on political expediency and he opines that young people oppose the Israeli effort to eradicate terrorist Hamas. To be clear, being moral, being just and condemning murderers and rapists should never be based on a crude political calculation. Instead of bemoaning the bombing of Gaza hospitals, Gorman should condemn the use of these hospitals as storage facilities for Hamas weapons.Instead of citing polls to support a pro-Hamas agenda, he should cite the polls that show the overwhelming support for Hamas and the Oct. 7th atrocities by Gazan civilians.Not to condemn Hamas' barbaric actions of Oct. 7th, is to give a clear picture of Gorman's anti-Israel values.

Norman Rosenfeld


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  • namrogm

    No, not anti-Israel anything. I'm anti-Netanyahu immoral hypocrisy and his justification for killing over 24,000 Palestinians, 70% of whom are woman and children. Netanyahu is a homicidal monster with no justification for his murderous leadership.

    Tuesday, January 30 Report this

  • harryw

    Mr. Rosenfeld seems to be over analyzing Michael

    Gorman’s letter. He is more pro-polls than “anti-Israel.” There is a

    growing consensus in polls that Biden’s current stance is hurting him among young voters.

    The reasons are beside the point. And a 300 word limit can’t do justice for an explanation.

    My take is tragic selective empathy and ignorance of the nuances in Mideast history by young voters, Anyway, I don’t think that Michael was implying that Biden is being politically expedient, at least as of this writing. He is under pressure to call for a cease fire. And I welcome the editorial pause on this topic.

    Tuesday, January 30 Report this