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More thought needed on Medicare


To the editor:

I'm very concerned about the latest news concerning NYC municipal retiree health insurance and have followed the topic very closely. I still believe that a compromise must be made. I agree with the idea that health care costs have skyrocketed and that the City is struggling to keep up with them but I equally agree with the betrayal NYC municipal retirees feel at being deprived of a promised, cost-free benefit. 

This problem needs more analysis and discussion, which can be had between now and a proposed September implementation. In the past, there have been many initiatives implemented by the city that apply to future employees like Tier 6 and a lower number of accrued sick days. As an ice-breaker, why can't this mandatory Medicare Advantage enrollment be applied to future municipal retirees after a certain date? 

After that, the cost of keeping Senior Care can be negotiated with the group most likely to be affected: current employees who will be future retirees.

Wanda Peakes


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