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None of the above



To the editor:

Without discussing any of the issues that caused 100,000 Michigan voters to vote “uncommitted” in the Michigan primary, I believe Donald Trump will probably win the presidential election in November.  

No less than brilliant journalist, Michelle Goldberg, and filmmaker, Michael Moore, have predicted that Joe Biden will lose the presidential election if the “uncommitted” vote controls the election in Michigan for Trump. It’s obvious that Biden will have little chance if it spreads to other critical states that Biden needed to win in 2020.  

The “uncommitted” wave has started to affect progressives, young voters and even some moderates who are not too happy with Joe Biden and his foreign and domestic policies. Let’s remember that it was then-Vice President Joe Biden who advised President Barack Obama not to approve the operation to take out Osama bin Laden at the time Obama made the call. Joe Biden has said that he wanted further confirmation before the military operation, but that sounds like he was grasping for excuses to explain his timidity.  

We need a decisive leader, and that is definitely not Donald Trump, a racist who faces 91 criminal charges. But, unless Joe Biden shows a backbone, it won’t be Biden, and it shouldn’t be Biden.  

Michael J. Gorman


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  • krell1349

    I'll take old over crazy any day of the week. These people should realize that a vote for Trump will cause. 4 years of chaos and insanity.

    Wednesday, March 6 Report this

  • namrogm

    It's not just a vote for Trump that will cause chaos and insanity. The uncommitted just won't vote for president at all, and that may be enough to put Trump in the White House.

    Thursday, March 7 Report this