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Not infallible



To the editor:

Good letter from Michael Gorman ("Anointed, or elected?" The Chief, letter, Nov. 3). I'd just like to add some points to his letter and to mine from earlier this year ("God and City Hall," The Chief, letters, March 10).

Elevating your opinions and policies to doing what God wants causes multiple problems. You're basically saying that opposition to your positions is the equivalent of opposing God. You're also claiming God-like infallibility when you're just a human.

Even if Mayor Eric Adams is sincere, like any other human, he can be wrong. Consider that he's created the post of assistant deputy mayor of public safety for failed and resigning Department of Correction Commissioner Louis Molina. Consider that Molina will be working for Philip Banks, who resigned as NYPD chief of department after his involvement in a bribery scandal. Consider that he's trying to take Medicare coverage away from NYC retirees and replace it with an inferior Medicare Advantage plan.

So is he sincere?

Richard Warren


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