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Notorious DJT


To the editor:

​In Iowa, where his support is supposed to be so strong, Donald Trump received 51 percent of the votes in their caucus. In the first primary, in New Hampshire, Trump has 54.4 percent to Nikki Haley's 43.3 percent with 96 percent of the vote counted.

Yet the mainstream media is acting like the race is over. Now I'm no fan of Haley. But I'd rather see her receive the nomination for one simple reason. If elected, she is unlikely to try to make herself a dictator.

But the mainstream media has had a contradictory attitude toward Trump since he entered politics. At the same time that they have criticized him, they gave him much free coverage to attract readership and ratings.

To claim they gave him more coverage because he's a celebrity would not stand up to scrutiny. Ralph Nader is a celebrity and a true American hero. When he ran for president in 1996 and 2000, the mainstream media ignored him. Of course, they're owned by major corporations who prioritize their greed over the common good. We know from looking at other countries, that the rich tend to have no problem with dictators who will not put a leash on their profiteering.

Unfortunately, the public is attracted to candidates that get the most media attention and are unlikely to check out good candidates who the media ignore. If they were more rational, they would have embraced Nader anyway and he would have received more than 2.74 percent of the vote. But if they were more rational, Trump would receive little support. After he tried to make himself a dictator, all his support should have evaporated. Then again, many who claim they support freedom really don't.

Richard Warren


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