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Obstructing care


To the editor: 

For several years now, Henry Garrido has asked where the money comes from to pay for NYC retirees health-care benefits. The answer is that the money has been earmarked in the city’s budget for almost 60 years. As retirees continue winning the court battles, our health care remains funded by the city, demonstrating the city can afford to do so. Garrido’s concerns have little or no practical relevance.

As for the billion or so dollars that “went missing,” don’t blame retirees for that sleight of hand. It’s incumbent upon the active union membership to demand a forensic audit from their union leadership to account for the misappropriation of the money since this directly affects union members.

Also, it is misleading and disingenuous to merge active union members with retirees. We retirees are not union members and deceiving statements is causing irreparable harm. In addition, someone should review the legality of active union leadership disrupting the City Council from acting in good faith to codify the retirees health-care benefits. Are these actions elder abuse?

DB Brugman


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