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Pro-worker mayor needed


To the editor:

Excellent letter from Kevin Harrington (“Pensions falling short,” The Chief, May 24) calling for NYCERS to index pension increases to inflation. He reminds us that the reason Social Security has such automatic increases is because of a bill signed by President Richard Nixon in 1972.

This is just one example why for all his wrong doing, Nixon is described by both Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore as our last liberal president. It also puts successive presidents of both major parties, not to mention many labor leaders, to shame.

Mayor Eric Adams is now set to ask the NYS Court of Appeals to overturn a ruling that stopped him from forcing Medicare Advantage on NYC retirees. To the further shame of labor, some of their leaders support this action by the mayor.

Helen Northmore highlights another of Adams' anti-worker stances (“Do right by EMTs, The Chief, May 24). He avoids keeping his promise of pay and benefit equity for FDNY EMS workers by simply not offering a contract.

Adams needs to be challenged in the next Democratic mayoral primary by a truly pro-worker candidate, one who does not seek advice from anti-worker ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg or getting support from those labor leaders who are working against their own workers' interests.


Richard Warren


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    Nobody mentions the taxpayer money wasted on Mayor Adams appeal after appeal.Give it up the deal you made with Unions is illegal selling out NYC Medicare Retirees. Shame on you all!

    Wednesday, May 29 Report this