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Stubbornly Careful

Posted 11/16/20

To the Editor: Call me stubborn. It's a badge of honor that I'm proud to have earned and am fit to wear as a public-school and Teachers-union defender. It was pinned on us by the Fordham Institute's (no relation to the university) Chester Finn Jr., whom the New York Post called an "education guru" and expert. The word Finn actually used was "obdurate," by since I am a remnant of the generation of city public-school alumni who were required to study vocabulary, I know it's a slightly pretentious synonym for "stubborn."

Mr. Finn attributes what he calls "the insane and irresponsible" closing of schools not to the virus but rather to the Teachers unions being "obdurate." From his perspective in ivory tower solitary confinement, the pandemic is illusory, hyped or an outright hoax.

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