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To the editor:

Joseph Cannisi wrote a good letter concerning how Republicans rile up their base by falsely claiming Democrats support bans on gas stoves, fossil fuel powered cars, etc. (“Cooking with gas,” The Chief, Jan. 19). When where they stand on the issues hurts most people, they have to lie to have any hope of winning


But I tend to fact-check when I hear something that does not sound true. Even Republicans should realize this is a good idea. Believing any negative thing you hear about someone you don't like is not the smartest thing to do.

Secondly, what would be so bad about banning the sale of incandescent light bulbs? First, there was the creation of fluorescent bulbs that could fit into the same fixtures, were just as bright and used less electricity. Now we have LED bulbs that use even less electricity.

I've been replacing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs as they burn out. I am now using three LED bulbs, three fluorescent bulbs (plus two long ones in the bathroom) and one incandescent bulb. Since there is no advantage in using incandescent bulbs, I think only a dim bulb would insist on buying new ones.

Richard Warren


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