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Take care of the victims, too


To the Editor:


Interesting to see the mayor honoring those who played a role in bringing the recent subway shooter to justice with $50,000 as “good Samaritans” after the alleged terrorist turned himself in on the hotline. 

What about all of the shooting victims, who are incurring health care costs due to a security failure with no police presence and a system with broken cameras?

In Christ’s story, it was the Samaritan who paid for the welfare of the victim of crime that he discovered, though he was a rejected figure in the scriptures. 

While commuters are concerned with physical safety, hundreds of experienced and seasoned police officers are about to be terminated for not taking the jab.

Do the still masked commuters care more about their protection in the subways from violence or of the health decisions of their protecting officers and the jab that failed to protect the mayor in isolation?

Joseph Mugivan 


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