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Terms of surrender


To the editor:

On D-Day’s anniversary, while the ceremonies were reminding our nation and France and other nations of the tremendous sacrifices made by the military heroes from the U.S. and the other Allied nations, we had Donald Trump preach to his acolytes about his revenge plans.  

We heard from Trump and his loyal enemies of democracy and truth — Stephen Bannon, Stephen Miller and wannabe Trump VPs — call for the criminal prosecution of Attorney General Merrick Garland, Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg, and all Democratic leaders for something, anything, whatever.  

I suggest the following charges of "MAGA treason" against the adversaries of the Trump-MAGA team:

1.  Excessive respect for the Constitution and the rule of law.  

2.  Patriotism for our nation that interferes with the political goals of the Trump-MAGA team.

3.  Defamatory criticism of US Supreme Court Justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, for greed and overt bias against the principles of democracy and truth.    

4.  Unreasonable attempts to protect the rights of women to control their own lives and protect their health.

5.  Racial prejudice in giving Blacks and other minorities rights equal to privileged white men.  

6.  Unfair attacks by the Democrats on the great tyrants and dictators of the world, especially Vladimir Putin, whom the Trump-MAGAs want to protect and allow him to recreate the USSR.  

Michael J. Gorman


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