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The last word


To the Editor:

If Joseph Cannisi wants to have the final word with "One last point...," he should get his facts straight. When I googled "Hillary Clinton advocates no-fly zone in Syria," numerous articles came up.

Spencer Ackerman's October 25, 2016, article in the Guardian is one. It confirms the concerns of a confrontation with Russia if such a zone was established.

Cannisi calling this a "conspiracy theory" demonstrates, at the very least, negligence on his part (he could have Googled it).

Yet he has the nerve to say his inaccuracy should be the end of this discussion and we should just agree to disagree.

In 2017, Cannisi responded to a letter of mine attributing views to me I did not take. Now he's calling a fact I presented a "conspiracy theory." He should hold himself to the same standards he holds Republicans to. 

That it, to tell the truth.

Richard Warren


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