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The silence of the GOP lambs


To the editor:

In addition to praising dictators, Donald Trump has found another perceived friend, fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter.

On May 11, at a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, Trump declared, “The late great Hannibal Lecter. He’s a wonderful man.”

We have reached this point of moral decay in America where tyrants are lauded, insurrection is an option and a fictional serial killer is a wonderful man. Trump’s sycophantic GOP allies remain silent and continue to enable him knowing full well that anything less than total surrender to Trump will result in them being victims of Trump’s cannibalistic retaliation and retribution.

Because of this, the GOP lambs scream in fear and agony everyday as they bootlick and kowtow to Trump trying to avoid political slaughter.

Simply put, the Republican lambs are utterly afraid of Trump. Afraid of him endorsing their opponent in a primary election, lambasting them in their states or districts and of course attaching to them a “scarlet letter” in the form of a derisive sobriquet where they can be assured they will be jeered and disrespected daily by Trump’s zealous followers and loyal friends on cable news.

I say to the pusillanimous GOP, if you stop bowing and succumbing to Trump and instead speak up for America, democracy and the Constitution, your screams of agony and fear will end because you now have a real patriotic purpose. Yes, Trump will slaughter your career but you will no longer be in your existential prison where you are consumed and tortured by your own screams.

“You will let me know when the lambs stop screaming won’t you?”

Marc Bullaro


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