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Through the looking-glass


To the editor:
We have entered the twilight zone where good is bad and bad is good. Is it getting your hands caught in the cookie jar or is it accounting maneuvering? 

What happened to the city stabilization fund? Did the Municipal Labor Committee move the money around or gave it away to the health insurance companies? What happened?

TWU 100 collects 2.5 percent from active members and puts it in a stabilization fund for retiree health insurance. But where are the receipts and where is the proof of how the money is being used?

Mystery side deals and behind the scenes jostling have gotten retirees a Medicare Advantage plan that no one wants but politicians and unions claim is great. Is this for real?

The city has almost 10,000 fewer police officers that it did 10 years ago. The headcount of city and state employees has also decreased. 

EMS response times are at 10 minutes with severe understaffing. Budget cuts are supposed to be good or the only way of doing things? 

The mayor’s campaign is under federal investigation and his electronic devices were seized in public by federal agents. Is this another universe because it is different than anything we have ever seen before.

MTA tolls in Manhattan? Are you for real? It’s a done deal. New Yorkers are now becoming tourists in our own city.

Is this a sci-fi novel or what?

Celso Garcia


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  • namrogm

    Very good points. Thanks. The con-men and women are running the show. They win the imposter Oscar!

    Wednesday, November 29, 2023 Report this


    Why hasn't the misuse of the Healthcare Stabilization Fund been investigated by CM Gale Brewer chair of investigation committee? $1 Billion dollars was removed for Union raises.

    Why has City Council Speaker Adams & CM De la Rosa blocked a hearing on intro bill 1099. A bill to protect NYC Medicare Retirees Earned Healthcare?

    Why is the City Council forcing NYC Medicare Retirees to fund lawsuits to protect their earned healthcare.

    The majority of the City Council is Democratic. Isn't their platform the protection of Traditional Medicare?

    Yet, Unions endorsed them not to pass into bill 1099.

    Shame on them all!

    Friday, December 1, 2023 Report this