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Trumpet triumphant labor



To the editor:

Morals and decision making are guided by an appreciation for values. Transport Workers Union retirees are striving to join the achievements of organization leaders who took on titans and won with grassroots organizing skills, among them Marianne Pizzitola, Sean M. O'Brien and Shawn Fain. Many thought they would lose and bet against them.

They prove how successful we can be when we put people above profits. They are showing us the true meaning of unionism. They are working towards a more perfect union in their own areas.

They have had to decipher who is a friend or foe. We need people that push corruption to the side in congress, in city and state government and within our agencies, including the MTA. We need good people on the union internationals and in the Municipal Labor Council. 

The United Auto Workers had to wait 75 years for judges and prosecutors to end corruption. Just like those mentioned above, the UAW is fighting a good fight. They put “We the People” back in effect, at least temporarily.

How much longer do we have to wait for “a more perfect union” where members come first?

Celso Garcia

Bus operator and TWU 100 member


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