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‘Wake up’


To the editor:

Florida Congressman Byron Das wrote that "Open borders, soft-on-crime policies, and bending a knee to the woke PC mob" was behind the “apparent terrorist attack” at the U.S.-Canadian Rainbow Bridge border crossing the day before Thanksgiving.  

Had he waited a few hours to discover the facts, he would have known that: 1) the car contained a New York couple, not border-crossing immigrants, 2) it wasn’t a terrorist attack, just a car crash, and, 3) the vehicle was traveling to Canada, not from it.

This highlights America’s MAGA problem. Any opportunity to take a cheap shot is not only fair game, it is a necessary part of GOP politics. At least 10 other GOP officials from Ted Cruz to Rick Scott to Vivek Ramaswamy leapt before looking, labeling the incident a terrorist attack and denouncing the Biden Administration’s immigration policy.

In Donalds' case, the rush to judgment was extremely ironic. By Thanksgiving morning, local Florida news outlets reported a spate of three shootings in less than 24 hours in Fort Myers, part of Donalds’ congressional district. To put this into perspective, this would equate to New Yorkers waking to 15 overnight shootings in Staten Island or 84 shootings in Brooklyn or a whopping 275 citywide shootings on a per capita basis.
It might be high time for constituents of Donalds, Scott, Cruz, etc. “woke” up to the real dangers they face — their duplicitous representatives who continue bending a knee to the comatose gun mob.                              

Joseph Cannisi


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