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Unfortunately this letter above is true. Transit being underground is far worse. The conditions are extreme and very Dangerous. The work is difficult especially under environmental conditions and homeless “bringing in their world” into the system. We work in a tunnel that doesn’t forgive if a mistake is made. The employees after a number of years below ground are drained and regardless what energy and positive work ethics one brings they feel used discarded as management feels a certain way on any given way. Management is also pushed to the limit with a lot of bureaucratic red tape. Opinions and fresh ideas on all sides are just tossed. Micro managing isn’t the answer but some managers bring it the first chance they get regardless if you’re an excellent employee or the worse. Middle ground is rare and not on the minds of management even if that way adds big benefits for all sides. Skilled trades are treated as second class and ruled by unskilled trades who make up rules and regs that do not work but are forced as a one size fits ALL. Just doesn’t add up!!!!

From: A token of appreciation

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