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Deferring justice


To the editor:

The fact that Senior District Court Judge Raymond J. Dearie, a respected and highly qualified judge, would be acceptable to the Trump attorneys as the special master in the dispute over executive privilege over classified documents that were wrongfully held at the Mar-a-Lago Hotel shows that the sole motive of Trump’s attorneys is to delay the DOJ investigation. That is all it is: Delay.  

There is no chance that Judge Dearie will decide that former President Donald Trump has executive privilege over the 11,000 documents, much less the documents that are marked “secret” or “top secret.” However, it may take him time to get attorneys with the necessary security clearances to help him with the work. That causes more delay, and that is what the Trump team wants.

The DOJ appealed Judge Aileen M. Cannon’s decision, arguing that preventing the FBI from continuing the investigation would risk irreparable harm to national security and critical intelligence interests.  

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (even with six of the 11 judges appointed by Trump) will most likely reverse Judge Cannon’s legally moronic and contradictory rulings, but then Trump’s team can appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. More delays.

Since Trump and his former and current supporters, including members of Congress, are the focus of several other criminal investigations, including their attempts to interfere in the Georgia presidential election, Judge Cannon’s attempts to help Trump may not prevent Trump and his sycophants from facing criminal charges. The criminal walls are closing in on Trump and his friends, and their desperation is evident. The rule of law is being tested, and it will survive Trump and the Trump-GOP.  

Michael J. Gorman


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  • krell1349

    Finally some grown men are in the room. The special master and the appellate court ruled in DOJ's favor. Despite delaying tactics, and there will be more, Trump will be indicted and convicted for having classified documents stored on his property. And to think he vilified Hillary Clinton for here email server which she was found not culpable. Time to lock him up.

    Thursday, September 22, 2022 Report this