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Econ 101


To the editor:

It is an age old debate: liberal versus conservative economic policies, which better serve the economy? The latest jobs report provides a clear answer. From February 1977 to February 2023, a total of 73.272 million jobs have been created according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over this 46-year span, there have been eight presidents — Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, Obama, Trump and Biden. 

Republicans held office for 24 of these years and, so far, Democrats 22 years. Of the total job creation, 17.371 million occurred during a Republican presidency and 55.901 million under a Democratic one.  On average, over nearly a half century, job creation has been 3.5 greater under liberal policies. This is not debatable, it is a fact. 

Despite widely held belief, Republican “pro-business” policies simply do not work. In fact, they bring disaster — larger public debt, wider wealth inequality, deep recessions (1987, 2007 and 2020) and poor job and wage growth. How, in the face of such overwhelming evidence, some continue to believe in conservative policies is a mystery to me.

Joseph Cannisi


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