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Sanit Asking the Impossible

Posted 12/24/20

To the Editor: I am writing regarding the overzealous sanitation laws requiring landlords to pick up garbage not only in front of their house, but 18 inches into the street. Anyone who's been to Brooklyn knows that finding a parking spot is no easy feat. It is virtually impossible for tenants/landlords to clean 18 inches into the street, yet we get tickets for it all the time. This law should be changed!

The last ticket was 12/2/20 for garbage 18 inches into the street during the hours of 8-8:59am. The interesting thing about this one is that my brother-in-law was in the process of cleaning up in front of the house (we are absentee landlords) and he arrived around 9:15 a.m. There was no ticket there. Then the ticket guy strolls by and throws the ticket on our front step (on a windy day). So the guy PRE-WRITES THE TICKETS and then just drops them off on everyone's doorsteps. 

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