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Letters to Editor

Wrong way on street renaming

To the editor: According to a street-naming list of 129 thoroughfares and public places approved by the City Council last week and sent to Mayor Eric Adams for his signature, the corner of West 127th …

DeSantis’ Florida is no paradise

To the editor: Most political pundits say Ron DeSantis is most likely to succeed Donald Trump as the 2024 GOP standard-bearer.

U.S. must muscle Putin

To the editor: The New York Times’ editorial board recently stated that serious diplomacy between Ukraine and Russia can only take place if Russia accepts that it cannot bring Ukraine to its knees.

The mayor’s priorities

To the editor:  Mayor Eric Adams’ behavior reminds me of a lyric by Mack Gordon, “What should I do, I wish I knew.” Most of the time the mayor does not know what he’s doing and does …


To the editor: Negotiations on a Medicare Advantage contract between the city, the Municipal Labor Committee and Aetna have proceeded under a general cone of silence, except for occasional public …

Treat retirees with justice, dignity

To the editor: I am a retired New York City employee, a widow who lives alone. I am dependent on my pension and Social Security. My husband did not leave me life insurance to inherit and I am 81 years …

The gun scourge

To the editor: Thursday we watched the funeral for NYPD Officer Adeed Fayaz, who was tragically shot in the head by a would-be robber. There are so many illegal guns in the hands of criminals, home …

The state of the (dis) union

To the editor: Watching the State of the Union reminds us all just how hollow the GOP has become. When South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson shouted “you lie” during a 2009 speech to Congress by …

Econ 101

To the editor: It is an age old debate: liberal versus conservative economic policies, which better serve the economy? The latest jobs report provides a clear answer.

Life for a life taken

To the editor: I don't think training or codes of conduct are needed to end murders committed by police. No one who becomes a police officer should have to be told that murder is wrong.

Domestic concerns

To the editor: New Yorkers have concerns about crime, the migrant crisis, affordable housing and the economy.

Top cop’s responsibility

To the editor: The attorney for Rodney King, John Burris, made an excellent point which I found to be true in my career in the NYPD. That is, with these special, aggressive, crime-fighting units like …

Investigate co-pay charges

To the editor: Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lyle Frank’s recent ruling that EmblemHealth/GHI‘sco-payment charges to City retirees are probably illegal indicates that state law has been violated.

Out of commission on raises

To the editor:  In reading The Chief's front page story ("Adams' fiscal plan will face labor test, " Jan. 20th) about how much Mayor Eric Adams has budgeted for city workers' raises, I get a …

Codes of conduct for police

To the editor: The brutal beating death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of six police officers reminds us how broken our law enforcement system remains.

Keep QI for cops

To the editor: Some state elected officials are advocating for the repeal of all qualified immunity for police officers. Some of the most extreme anti-cop officials and advocates sound like they would like to replace all police officers with unarmed social workers.  

A bluff on health care?

To the editor: Because the City Council refuses to allow Mayor Eric Adams to amend the Administrative Code to implement the Medicare Advantage plan, Adams threatens to use the “nuclear option” to …

Lawmakers' raises were fair

To the editor: Fact check on Larry Penner's letter about legislative salaries: Numerous state employees earn more than $102,500. That's public record at www.seethroughny.net. Per the Department …

Borgia family values

To the editor: Does anyone else remember when the GOP touted itself as the party of family values? George W. Bush ran on this theme against Al Gore in 2000, blaming the vice president, by association, …

Put retirees first

To the editor: Those who attended or watched the Jan. 9 City Council via live stream testimony on health care saw how union bureaucracies put themselves first.

They don't need a union

To the editor: Don't shed any tears for how much your State Senator or Assembly member will now earn.

Lies and consequences?

To the editor: Jimmy Durante used to close out every show with “Good night, Mrs. Calabash wherever you are.”

‘Harvest of shame’

Since March 2020 the United States has used Trump’s Title 42, a Covid health measure, to expel migrants 2.5 million times.

Compromise on Medicare

To the editor: The proposed changes to retiree health insurance amount to a very complicated issue. But its simplicity lies in the undeniable fact that the cost of health care, like everything else, has risen.

Catch as catch can

To the editor: The use of a genealogy database to identify the suspect in the University of Idaho student murders, Bryan Christopher Kohberger, has shown (again) what an effective forensic tool it is.

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