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Letters to Editor

9/11 health care on hold

To the editor: Recent newspaper stories have reported on problems incurred by 116,000 patients in the World Trade Center Health Program since its management company was changed by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

Crime on Georgia's mind

To the editor: Concerned citizens of all political persuasions should be aware of the implications of Georgia's Dec. 6th Runoff election between Democrat Rafael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker. 

Apathy polls well, again

To the editor: Today, when a candidate wins his or her election by more than a 5-percent margin, we call it a landslide because most races are tight these days due to political divisions.

Trump’s January 6 insurrection

To the editor: (With apologies to Rudyard Kipling) You may talk o’ gin and beer   When you’re quartered safe out ’ere,   But we were sent to fight the traitors at …

Bezos, a billionaire poseur

To the editor: The big news is that Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, announced that he plans to give away most of his money to charity. His current net worth is $120.5 billion.

Medicare plan is a ripoff

To the editor: The unions pushing the Medicare Advantage plan state only 66,000 retirees are against this plan ...

A labor hero

To the editor: The Organization of Staff Analysts, a small New York City union, lost out on a golden opportunity in its awarding of their Labor Hero award.

Deceptive, and dangerous 

To the editor: “The self-deception that believes the lie” is a lyric from the Rodgers and Hart song, “I Wish I Were In Love Again.” Unfortunately, it also describes the behavior of many politicians …

Pence the pretender

To the editor:  It is clear that former Vice President Mike Pence doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state, as is required by the first clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Where’s the evidence?

To the editor: Alex Jones, a bullying windbag who profits from spreading disinformation and a trusted news source among MAGA devotees. In many ways, Jones is the poster boy for the MAGA movement.

Georgia on GOP’s mind

 To the editor: In the wake of no-red-wave elections, Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, said that it is very important that the Republicans help Hershel Walker win the Senate seat in Georgia in the runoff against Senator Rafael Warnock.

It’s not Reaganomics

To the editor: An unpopular president sitting at 44 percent approval at the end of his second year in office.  Stubbornly high inflation around 8 percent. A country mired in a recession.

Challenge Adams

To the editor:  Mayor Eric Adams' actions repeatedly have me hoping someone will challenge him in the 2025 Democratic mayoral primary. Let's start with the assertion by Adams' Labor Relations Relations Commissioner Renee Campion

Trump's influence

To the editor:Less than six months after he took office, I wrote “It is terrifying that his (Donald Trump’s) presidency emboldens white supremacists and that hate crimes have soared since the election.” 

The context of no context

To the Editor: Roger Thornhill, the character played by Cary Grant in “North by Northwest,” defends his profession. “Advertisers don’t lie, they use expedient exaggeration," he says.

GOP's angry agenda

To the editor: The abortion issue is being used by the GOP as a tool to confuse and conflate the white supremacist and misogynist positions of the Trump-inspired Republican Party.

A betrayal

To the editor: New York City retirees have been betrayed by the current and former NYC Mayors and the MLC.

Contract is no bargain

To the editor: Republicans differentiate from Democrats by taking a lot more from workers. But Democrats still take some away.See The Chief article "Quality of life concerns weigh heavily on …

A fuller truth on Medicare

To the editor: In a recent communique to active and retired members of District Council 37, Executive Director Henry Garrido asked that members contact their City Council Members to tell them that they are in favor of amending the NYC Administrative Code 12-126.

A sick idea

To the editor: Mayor Eric Adams, the Office of Labor Relations and the complicit Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) want city employees and retirees to think that a Medicare Advantage plan is a win-win for all.

Consider the alternatives

To the editor: Both DC37 and the UFT are urging their members to contact the City Council to amend Section 12-126 of the Administrative Code. The proposed amendment, which does not yet have a sponsor, would weaken health insurance protections for both municipal retirees and in-service employees. 

Essential to protect pols

To the editor: In this era of violent political hostility, I can’t believe that House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s home wouldn’t have government-assigned security guards.

Crime is robbing us

To the editor:  Crime is rampant in this city. It seems as though no one is safe. I personally believe that Mayor Eric Adams is doing a terrific job trying to deter crime. I voted for him. Yet I …

Hypocritical season

To the editor: I have extensively written on the hypocrisy of political talking points. One Lee Zeldin ad is a prime example. In it, he tells us “You’re smart. You know the problems in Kathy …

Political comedy

To the editor: I take the upcoming elections very seriously, but I have to find some humor in the process that could hurt most Americans.

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