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Letters to Editor

Civil service’s concord

To the editor: Regarding Richard Warren’s "Executive Stinginess" letter (The Chief, Sept. 23): I am a level III supervisor with the city’s Human Resources Administration. I started out as a …

Where are you sitting, mayor?

To the editor: It was reported in last week’s Chief that Mayor Adams has asked the City Council to overturn decades of precedent by nullifying a law that prohibits charging civil servants for …

Horse sense

To the editor: “TWU opposed bill that would ban Central Park horse carriages” (The Chief, Sept. 9) and a later proposal from the union center around what they consider a compromise — stables in Central Park and other gratuities at taxpayer’s expense.

Executive stinginess

To the editor: Like his predecessor, Mayor Eric Adams campaigned as a friend of workers but has shown stinginess toward them since entering office. His former colleagues in the NYPD have seen that. …

Defeating the MAGA threat

To the editor: I share Joseph Cannisi's concern with the Republican party's embrace of violence as a legitimate form of expression (The Chief, Aug. 9). However, I disagree with Cannisi's solution to …

Adams’ reflex responses unhelpful

To the editor: Mayor Adams’ response to violent encounters between “my police” and civilians, and between civilians, has been grossly inappropriate and fear mongering. He uses these often-tragic …

Strengthen the crime fighters

To the editor: I guess the congestion pricing is supposed to make up for the $500 million transit loss to fare beaters. Does anyone think that there will be any prevention or significant reduction in …

For democracy, danger ahead

To the editor: In my lifetime America has faced a number of threats and challenges. The Cold War, the space race, the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK, wars from Vietnam to Afghanistan, Watergate, …

Calling all Republicans

To the editor: In speaking with Fox News, Sen. Lindsey Graham said “there will riots in the streets” if Donald Trump is indicted for his theft of classified documents. Once a moderate voice …

Keep America great

To the editor: President Joe Biden hit just the right points in his speech last week in Philadelphia, the birthplace of American democracy. Biden’s main point was a crystal clear statement that the …

Step up, Democrats

To the editor:  The GOP is worse, but Democrats could do better. Republicans support of Donald Trump, even after he tried to overthrow the government in an attempt to stay in office, as well as …

Protect retirees' benefits

To the editor: In 2014, $1.1 billion was taken from the Health Insurance Stabilization Fund to fund active city employees' raises.

Crime and the GOP

To the editor: After weathering the barrage of campaign ads that accompanied the special election in my home district (New York’s 19th Congressional), it is obvious what the GOP wants to focus on …

Causes, and effects

To the editor: Our law-and-order mayor talks incessantly about crime and the need to combat it with aggressive policing (recycled and problematic strategies from the 1990s). The Republican Party uses …

Adams owes answers

To the editor: Mayor Eric Adams’ close relationship with questionable individuals, with whom he meets regularly at nightspots, looks bad, and it raises questions about his own integrity and honesty.

Cops, residents handcuffed

To the editor: Bui Van Phu, a convicted sex offender, was charged with attempted murder when he sucker-punched a stranger, leaving him hospitalized in critical condition. The vicious, unprovoked …

Calling for common sense

To the editor: I was glad to read that Governor Kathy Hochul acted to have Bui Van Phu jailed for his knockout punch of total stranger Victor Cortez that has left him hospitalized and in a coma. But …

Criminal injustice

To the editor:  In April, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark announced a plea bargain with 34-year-old defendant Oscar Alvarez. He will serve only 14 years for attempted murder in the second degree.

Trump’s paper trail

To the editor: Donald J. Trump said he declassified all of the documents found by the FBI in the search of his Mar-a-Lago mansion.

War on the wrong front

To the editor: According to Speaker Pelosi, the $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act was “a glorious day … this legislation is historic.”

The GOP and crazy juice

To the editor: I am beginning to think that the acronym GOP now stands for Ghost Of a Party. As I recently wrote, the party of Lincoln began its decline over 70 years ago.

Foreign policy

To the editor: Since I'm not suicidal, I'm hoping Norman Solomon's fear, "Nancy Pelosi Could Get Us All Killed," (in “CounterPunch,” Aug. 2), does not prove true.

Empower cops: imprison criminals

To the editor: Crime figures released by the NYPD show that recidivism is being treated as the price we have to pay in order to prevent non-racist disparate impact of policing on minority citizens.

Provide health care, not profits

To the editor: The recent article, “H+H mental-health workers to get debt relief” (The Chief, July 29) highlights some of the many problems in our education and health care "systems."

Armchair warriors

To the editor: It’s interesting to see armchair warriors flex their muscles against China in The Chief’s recent letters column.

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